About me

Who is Vittler?

Hi! I’m Vittler based in Brasília, Brazil. I’m a 3D enthusiast who began creating custom content in 2017 after years of gaming and role-playing in TS3.

How did you start creating?

I began my journey into 3D through role-playing in RP events on Facebook and Tumblr. It sparked my desire to create my own outfits and accessories for my RP character at the time, Eve.

How did you learn 3D?

I am self-taught. I stept into the 3D world design through countless sleepless nights where I spent studing tutorials, experimenting with softwares, and my creativity. With each project, I refined my techniques and knowledge in 3D modeling and rendering.

How can i support you work?

You can support me on Patreon, any pledge would be very much appreciated and by downloading my creations.

Have fun!